Eleanor Barker answers your travel questions.

Hi Captain Ask Away,

I was recently on a tour with lovely people - none of whom I'd ever met before. We set up a WhatsApp group to organise activities, share photos, etc. Anyway, it's now been more than a month and the WhatsApp group is still buzzing. I don't want to offend them (they're nice people!), but I don't want to hear their banal thoughts any longer (they're not that interesting!). How do I get out without ruffling feathers?


Ah, this sounds familiar and I'm sure many readers can relate. I personally get a lot of satisfaction from sneakily ghosting on annoying online interactions. I once blocked a selfie-fond family member, knowing it would look like I had deleted my account. I needed to escape her daily face updates and I figured "How is she going to know I haven't actually left?" And as far as I am aware, she never did. I learned later that my sister had done the same thing.

There's all sorts of things you can block these days