Winston Aldworth flies aboard IndiGo flight 6E7145 from Chennai to Tiruchirappalli

The plane:

An ATR 72-600. IndiGo carries more domestic passengers in the skies of India than any other airline — they operate 35 of these buzzy wee numbers, with more on order.

Airport experience: The heavily tooled-up security guys are all super-friendly. "Where are you from?"


"Stephen Fleming." "Ahhh!"

One of them has some kind words to say about our nation in the wake of the recent Christchurch terror attacks which makes me a little misty-eyed.

My seat: 16C. As with the ATRs you'll know from our own skies, these are kitted out in 2-2 seating configuration, but with one funky — or incredibly awkward — touch: The two seats at the front of the right-hand side are facing back into the cabin. Well, hi there, stranger!

Class: The whole plane is fitted out for Economy. This seems to be standard for regional hoppers in the skies above India.

How full: I spotted two or three empty seats in a cabin of 74.

Fellow travellers: A couple of Western tourists, but otherwise locals.

Flight time: We started boaring at 9.05am for a 9.50am departure. Up and down inside 45 minutes, with one of the steepest descents to land I've ever experienced. In our 10 days of travelling with Adventure World, this Stuka-like approach was another thing I found to be standard for regional hoppers in the skies above India.

Food and drink: For about $1, I bought a bottle of masala water — Paper Boat brand — in a foil squeezie tube thingy. Delicious!


Toilets: It would take something quite dramatic to make the toilet messy in a 45-minute flight — but hey! This is India, right? So I inspected before landing, and can report the one loo was spic
and span.

The service: Two lovely young women, seat us, sell the masala drink then wave us off.

Entertainment: BYO.

Final word: Dhanyavaad!