Stockholm is an expensive city, but you can still get by without breaking the bank. Start off your day in the hipster district of Sodermalm. You can get a reasonably priced breakfast at Alskade Traditioner — put aside $25. Once you're done, have a wander around the neighbourhood and check out the shops.

Next, take public transport to the City Hall to marvel at one of Stockholm's most magnificent pieces of architecture. This beautiful heritage building hosts the world famous Nobel Peace Prize banquet and is lined with mosaics. For around $14, you can enter the hall on a guided tour to learn more of its history.

Then you'll want to head to the Gamla Stan district for more history. Marvel at the colourful old buildings and explore the shops and cafes. The Royal Palace is situated here and it's well worth having a look around — entry costs around $23.

For lunch, try a traditional fried-herring wrap at Nystekt Stromming. This food stand is located outside the Slussen metro station, which is within walking distance of the palace. Lunch will only cost you around $10.


To see a more modern example of Swedish architecture, make your way to the Ericsson Globe — it's the biggest spherical building in the world. You can get an amazing view of the city by taking a ride on the Sky View, a transparent ball that travels to the top of the building. Tickets cost around $23.

Then make your way by public transport to the National City Park — the first of its kind in the world. With extensive forest and parkland, it's a beautiful place to unwind.

Afterwards you can check out the nearby Vasa Museum, which exhibits the ruins of the Vasa warship, which sunk in Stockholm Harbour in 1638 and stayed there for 300 years. Somehow, they managed to recover it in one piece — and it's quite a sight to behold. $23

It would be a crime to visit Sweden without having a meal of meatballs — so give them a whirl at Bistro Bestick where you can enjoy a hearty plateful for around $40.

For evening refreshments, try LeRouge bar, which is back in the Gamla Stan area. Two cocktails will set you back around $45.

TOTAL: $205