Airline economics dictate that on most planes, almost every passenger will have paid a different fare - there are six ways to get a cheap seat, according to the Daily Mail.

1. Leave it to the last minute

Most flights are released a year before departure, but that's often not the best time to book.

KAYAK's data and analysis show that Kiwi travellers can save up to 61% on airfare by booking at the right time.

On average, for top international destinations, it is best for New Zealand travellers to book flights 2 months in advance.


Cheap flights come up mere months in advance for favourites like Bali, Australia and the Pacific Islands, while the best deals for Los Angeles, London and Dublin come up a mere three months before departure.

2. Timing, timing, timing

In New Zealand, Tuesday at 2am and Thursday at 4am is the best time to book to enjoy the highest potential savings on flights.

3. Check if its cheaper to get a room

Airlines collect a lot of commission (and capture valuable data) if they arrange hotel deals alongside flights. Its always a good idea to check if pairing up your hotels and airline bookings might save you some money.

4. Get "appy"

Short haul passengers can often save money by flying out with one airline or airport and back with another. Comparison sites are an invaluable resource here.

Additionally, long-haul flights can sometimes have huge fluctuations in prices. Setting up an alert on one of the many comparison tools available will be a boon for travellers who aren't really concerned about when they fly, as long as they get a good deal.

5. Your mistake, not mine

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