US woman Elena Pavlova had planned a romantic holiday in Europe and believed that she had prepared for any eventuality.

She knew her passport was expiring in May, but her return flight to the United States was booked for March, reports Elliott Advocacy.

No problem, right? Wrong.

While dreaming of Paris she neglected to check the entry requirements for Switzerland. This is where she was promptly arrested for having an invalid passport upon arrival.


Pavlova blames airline SWISS for allowing her to board the plane with an invalid passport in the first place - and she wants help with the US$3,000 ($4,500) cost of this travel disaster.

"The immigration officer informed me that my passport was only 85 days valid," Pavlova explained. "I did not have the required 90 days available and so my passport was invalid to enter Switzerland."

Pavlova has learnt the hard way that you must check and possess the required entry documents for your destination.

If you don't, you too may take an unpleasant international round-trip that leaves you with egg on your face and no vacation photos.

That's the best case scenario. If things go the usual way of it, you won't even leave your destination.