An Indonesian theme park has covered the breasts of its statues to avoid offence to visitors

Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta has provided golden chest wraps to preserve the modesty of two mermaids which have been at the park for over a decade.

The hasty result is startling and has confused many locals to ask what prompted the park to act now? Seeing as the statues had been perfectly fine to go 'topless' for the past fifteen years.

The park insists that "there was no pressure," on the decision. The Jakarta Post reported that it was part of reshaping the park as a more "family friendly" environment.


The abashment of the park is not uncommon in a majority Islamic country, but it seems odd that the decision should be taken now.

The mermaids' sculptor Dolorosa Sinaga was not amused by the wraps. She told the BBC the cladding had denied the public "the beauty of arts products."

Visitors to the park seem equally bemused, saying the covers are "weird."

Twitter user @datuakrajoangek asked if the park was worried about visitors being "aroused by statues" while @Chad_Oking the decision denied the mermaids "kerokan", a traditional form of Javanese massage.

The torso wraps, locally known as kemben, are deemed to be better in keeping with "eastern norms".

The torso wraps known locally as kemben. Photo /
The torso wraps known locally as kemben. Photo /

The mermaids are just the latest Indonesian statues to be altered due to moral objection.

In 2007 a statue of the Javanese pop star Inul Daratista was removed from a street in south Jakarta, after complaints that the depiction of her trademark "drilling" dance was too sexually suggestive.

In 2010 the statues of thee Javanese women 'Tiga Mojang' were removed due to complaints of obscenity.

The mermaids decision to 'wrap up' may be more prudent than prudish, if they want to avoid being torn down.