Jane Jurgens visits American Airlines Flagship Business Class lounge at LAX's terminal 4.

The greeting:

Courteous, which was commendable as the two staff had just been dealing with a rather difficult man whose lounge access wasn't showing up on their computer system. He was taking it out on the staff, rather than understanding they were just doing their jobs.

First impression: Where is the bar? On entering, it's not immediately clear — I could see a TV lounge and the bathrooms and showers, but I couldn't see any food or drink stations.


There was no need to panic though; I just had to turn the corner and there it was.

What's there: As above, plus a large room with self-service bars, hot and cold food options and a range of seating.

Who's there: Who isn't? This is LA, one of the world's biggest hubs, so there were people from all over. I was disappointed to not see any famous people, but they were probably all in the Flagship First lounge.

Anything for the kids: Not that I saw but, travelling alone, I wasn't really looking.

Tech stuff: Free Wi-Fi with password access. Charging ports at all seats. Business centre.
Huge TV screens showing departure schedules, as well as one TV showing live news of the California wildfires.

Reading material: A selection of magazines, including Time, some travel publications (not ours truly, sadly), and AA's inflight magazine The American Way.

The view: Out to the tarmac of terminal 4.

Eating and drinking: There was a great cheese and charcuterie spread. Hot options included soups, fish and chips, and a Mexican stew. The bar was well stocked, with a vast array of hard liquor and fridges full of mixers. I wished I had longer — and a stronger liver — to work my way through it.


Bathrooms: Very basic toilets; I didn't have enough time to use the showers.

Lounge atmosphere: The background jazz music was a little grating, but the sound of champagne bottles being opened was the best music to my ears.

Bottom line: It's a busy space, but find yourself a chair and pour yourself a drink. You deserve it.