Flight crews have to put up with a lot from passengers, and some people get on their nerves more than others.

When dealing with hundreds of people each day, flight attendants' list of what they love and loathe about passengers racks up pretty quickly.

Last year, according to Escape, Smarter Travel asked flight attendants, current and former, to name things passengers can do to make their jobs a little easier. And also, what annoys them the most while on a flight.

Simply being ready to take your seat quickly ahead of departure, sticking within your own space during the flight and being well mannered to those around you are some of the ways to make a steward's life easier.

Don't: Unpacking your overhead bags during a flight. Photo / Getty Images
Don't: Unpacking your overhead bags during a flight. Photo / Getty Images

But when it comes to traits they hate, well, that's when the list gets interesting.

Speaking to Business Insider, three attendants revealed the most frustrating habits a passenger will do both before, during and after a flight.

1. Instead of re-packing in the aisle, plan ahead

Haley Fox, a domestic airline flight attendant, said holding up others to simply retrieve your headphones, book and an extra jumper ahead of takeoff is not only annoying for crew — but for passengers as well.

"The best way to maximise everyone's time and make your fellow passengers not hate you is to keep all of your necessities in the personal space at your seat," she told Insider.

"If you come on to a plane, then get to your seat and have to unpack your big roller bag in the middle of the aisle just to get to your headphones, you are the worst."

Don't: Hog the drinks trolley. Photo / Getty Images, Archive
Don't: Hog the drinks trolley. Photo / Getty Images, Archive

2. Multiple drink orders

"When someone asks for a water, a coffee, and a Diet Coke, it slows down our service," Jennifer L, a flight attendant for a domestic US airline, said.

"We have to get through the whole cabin. So instead, ask for one drink and we can always come back to give you something else after we've gotten through everyone."

Do: Say 'hello' back! Photo / Getty Images
Do: Say 'hello' back! Photo / Getty Images

3. Return attendants' greetings, it's only polite

There's no excuse for rude or boorish behaviour on a plane, but unfortunately, it happens. When it does, says one flight attendant, you either ignore it or resolve it politely.


"I can't tell someone to put their seat forward, I just can't," Heather Poole, flight attendant and author of Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crash-pads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet, told Escape.

"I get that people just need to be heard or sympathised with, but I just can't get involved in that."

Jennifer L said that passengers should always greet a steward upon arrival.

"If I greet you, please have the courtesy to answer me back," she said.

"Don't ignore me or pretend I don't exist. I've woken up probably earlier than you and will be working past the time you arrive at home. So be kind and remember to have manners."

4. Chancing an upgrade to an empty first-class seat

"Flight attendants do not have the authority to upgrade you to first class," she said.

"Those seats are not up for grabs unless the gate agent upgrades you or you pay for a first-class seat prior to entering the aircraft."

Don't: Forget to flush. Photo / Getty Images
Don't: Forget to flush. Photo / Getty Images

5. Airplane bathroom: flush after use

A trip to the toilet on a plane is annoying at the best of times. It's cramped, there's usually a line and let's be honest — the lighting is horrendous.

But smells and mess aside, passengers who fail to flush obviously annoy flight attendants — and other passengers.

Do: Wear shoes. Photo / Getty images
Do: Wear shoes. Photo / Getty images

6. Shoes: Feet should be covered while walking the aisles

Let's be honest, walking around barefoot on a plane is unlikely to win you any friends. In a Reddit thread in 2018, a flight attendant revealed just how bad the habit is while on-board a plane, because the floors are usually filthy.

User Seeyou_Never wrote: "DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOT. Pee and poop happens, all over. I feel like I witness an "accident" regularly; in their seat or in the lav. People get nose bleeds, or their wounds open.

Obviously when we land, it is thoroughly cleaned. But in-flight our resources are limited."

If you are walking to the toilet, the cabin crew members highly recommend that you keep your shoes on or risk facing the germs left in there by previous users.

"Probably the most disgusting thing you could ever do is take your shoes and socks off and walk around the plane," Jennifer said.

7. Get up, stretch, but leave some space for the crew

It's a great thing to move around on your flight — it's not healthy to be sitting for too long.

But if you decide to hop up for a stretch, be mindful of where you are: crowding the galley and jump seats is a no-no.

"If you want to get up and move around during the flight, don't utilise our only workspace as your stretch zone," Fox said. "I don't come to your office and put my butt in your face, please don't downward dog and lunge around in mine."

Don't: Forget to order your gluten/lactose free meal before you fly. Photo / Getty Images
Don't: Forget to order your gluten/lactose free meal before you fly. Photo / Getty Images

8. Request dairy/gluten free meal in advance, and not because you like the look of what your neighbour is having . . .

Those plane galleys aren't stocked with a limitless supply of food. They're usually stocked with pretty close to what is needed for each passenger on that particular flight.

So if you require a special meal, whether it's dairy-free, vegetarian or kosher, it's essential you request it in advance.

"We do not have everything," Jennifer said.

"Please don't ask us if we have soy milk or some kind of food we didn't say we had. If you have certain diet restrictions or don't like the options we have, please bring your own food."