As the US Government shutdown continues into its fourth week, TSA agents have been forced to work unpaid at airports throughout the country.

The discontentment has been audible from airport staff.

But at New York's JFK Airport the grumbles have been accompanied by loud sound systems blasting out a musical protest.

Rap music from the likes of Kanye West, Drake and Travis Scott have all been heard by passengers in transit, blasting out of airport PA systems.


The agency members who are in charge of airport security screening have chosen to overlook a few F-bombs in their playlists.

Business Insider reported that the uncensored version of Travis Scott's Sicko Mode has been played on loop by disgruntled TSA staff.

"TSA has officially stopped giving a f**k," wrote Twitter user LSDiPalma. "SICKO MODE (dirty version) is playing on the speakers at JFK lmfaooo."

The normal, inoffensive airport soundtrack has been replaced by the sort of music that doesn't get played on the radio.

In case the passengers passing though the airport's eight terminals were in any doubt as to how TSA staff were feeling about the shutdown, they were treated to such emphatic hits as Misery Business by US rockers Paramore.

While the security staff have continued to working without pay instead of calling sick or quitting - their bosses are choosing to look the other way.

Some passengers have not been impressed by choice of music, but others have enjoyed the party anthems on the way to luggage reclaim and between boarding flights.

Fans or not of the musical choices, passengers and other airport staff appear to sympathise with the transport security staff who have had to work for a month unpaid.


A spokesperson from the New York and New Jersey Port Authority has said that the "TSA employees have discretion over the music at some terminals."

However their latest playlist speaks volumes about how JFK's TSA staff are feeling about the current shutdown situation.