The world's first vegan hotel suite has been unveiled, where everything from the pillows to the stationary are made from cruelty-free materials.

Vegans can rest their heads – and their consciences – at the luxurious suite at Hilton's London Bankside Hotel, created in consultation with The Vegan Society.

Even the check-in desk for vegan guests is upholstered using a plant-based leather alternative made from pineapple leaves, called Piñatex. The keycard for the room is made from the same material.

Inside the room, the bed's headboard is also made from Piñatex leather, featuring hand-embroidery by local artist Emily Potter.


Rather than feathers, the pillows are filled with a variety of animal product-free materials – including organic buckwheat husk pillow, a natural kapok pillow, a millet husk pillow, an orthopedic memory foam pillow made with bamboo fibre and an anti-allergy foam pillow made with 100 per cent recycled polyester.

The flooring is a stylish stone-grey, made from 100 per cent sustainable and renewable Moso Bamboo, while the carpets are created from responsibly sourced organic cotton.
Guests can relax on furniture that's also created using Piñatex leather.

Even the stationary is friendly to vegans, from notepads to pens that have no traces of animal products in the paper or ink.

As you'd expect, the mini-bar comes well-stocked with vegan treats, including Graze protein powder, Naked fruit and nut snacks and Deliciously Ella energy balls, while the room service menu features a variety of vegan meals.

And the plant-based philosophy doesn't stop at the room – all linen is washed using environmentally friendly products.

One place you might have expected to be animal-free is the roof, but this is not so. The healthy "well bee-ing" ethos extends to the outside of Hilton's Bankside too.

The green roof terrace has installed beehives to house the tiny, buzzy guests.

While the hotel's vegan clientele are unlikely to partake of any honey or beeswax products, the bees have been installed for their health benefits to the local flora and biodiversity rather than the human guests.

The furniture in the room is made with Piñatex, a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves. Photo / Hilton Bankside, Facebook
The furniture in the room is made with Piñatex, a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves. Photo / Hilton Bankside, Facebook

James B. Clarke, the general manager of Hilton London Bankside, told MailOnline Travel: "Here at Hilton London Bankside, we're always looking at ways to innovate and bring new experiences to our guests.

"Our Oxbo restaurant offering is already expansive, catering to many different dietary requirements so we thought, why not apply the same concept to our rooms?

"Veganism is not just a dining trend, it has become a lifestyle choice for many and in turn, we want to be the first hotel to be able to offer those who follow the plant-based lifestyle the chance to fully immerse themselves within it from the moment they walk into the hotel."

The vegan suite is now open for reservations.