The world of superyachts is getting zanier by the year, as Boat International magazine's list of 101 biggest superyachts reveals.

Submarine hangers, cascading waterfalls and sculpted hulls are some of the stand-out features built into private boats this year.

Editor of Boat International, Stewart Campbell, was delighted by the stunning inclusions on this year's list, saying:

"It's been another exceptional year for the superyacht sector with stunning new entries to this year's Top 101 list, all of which embody the very best of design and construction. My personal highlight is the 84 metre trimaran White Rabbit – not only the largest trimaran yacht in the world, but also the largest superyacht ever built in Australia."


Here's a list of our favourite builds from this year's most OTT luxury pleasure craft.

The Dar

Size: 90 metres
Guests: 14
Features: Helipad, dive bay and submarine hanger

Some say it's bad luck to rename a boat but "Project Shark" was originally named for its sharp fin and hammerhead like wings.

This killer yacht design boasts many shared features with the ocean's apex predator.

Some of the more impressive inclusions on this superyacht include a sauna, onboard beach club and diving centre. The shark-shaped luxury boat has a touch of bond villain indulgence, with submarine hangers helicopter pad and space for an army of thirty henchmen.

The Anna

Size: 110 metres
Guests: 14
Features: Halo-like navigation mast

An impressive new entry is the Dutch-built Anna, by Netherlands based Feadship, is the second biggest ever built in the country. With consultation from UK-based Michael Leach Design it has an instantly-recognisable profile.

Rabbit hole: White Rabbit is the biggest superyacht ever built in Australia. Photo / Supplied
Rabbit hole: White Rabbit is the biggest superyacht ever built in Australia. Photo / Supplied

The White Rabbit

Size: 84 metres
Guests: 14
Features: Barrel-like sculpted hull trimaran


The hull of the White Rabbit is an Australian design marvel. Built into the three-footed hull is are two barrelling tubes, shaped like a breaking waves. If you follow down one of these Rabbit holes there is a small launch area for watersports.

At sheet size the Rabbit is the biggest yacht ever built in Australia by Echo Yachts, and the world's biggest 'trimaran'.

The futuristic looking craft is also forward thinking in terms of energy. It's powered by diesel-electric hybrid propulsion.

Project Thunder: The mammoth 135.5 metre Crescent. Photo / Supplied, Charter World
Project Thunder: The mammoth 135.5 metre Crescent. Photo / Supplied, Charter World

The Crescent

Size: 135.5 metres
Guests: 14
Features: Fold-out helicopter hanger

Delivered by German Bootsbau Lürssen, this fifty looking yacht has a fold-out helicopter pad which folds out from the navigation mast.

Another bright inclusion is the massive window that stretches over three-decks amidships.

The Illusion Plus

Size: 88.5 metres
Guests: 12
features: Cascading waterfall

China's entry on the list is the largest ever built in the rising superpower with something to prove.

The helipad is a necessary inclusion for its new owner to drop in on a visit to the ship's two top-deck spa pools. But perhaps the most stunning water feature is the waterfall at the aft of the ship.

The O'Ptasia

Size: 86 metres
Guests: 24
features: Enough guest cabins to rival a cruise ship

With room for 24 guests, this Greek vessel has space-enough for a superyacht symposium. Amid the 95-metre party deck, and boat-length beach club there's plenty of space for everyone.

Perhaps you'll find most of O'Pasia's guests in the top-deck gymnasium and pool.

Superyachts: The top ten of 2018

1. Azzam

- 180.61 metres (590ft)

2. Eclipse - 162.5 metres (533ft)

3. Dubai - 162 metres (531ft)

4. Dilbar - 156 metres (511ft)

5. Al Said - 155 metres (508ft)

6. Topaz - 147.25 metres (483ft)

7. Prince Abdulaziz - 147 metres (482ft)

8. El Mahroussa - 145.7 metres (478ft)

9. Sailing Yacht A - 142.81 metres (468ft)

10. Yas - 141 metres (462ft)