This aircraft has the whole world talking — and that's not just because of its unusual look.

The Embraer E190-E2, which is emerging as a rival to Airbus' A220 plane, comes equipped with a load of smart features that puts it ahead of other aircraft in its field.

Nicknamed the "Profit Hunter", the plane features a ferocious great white shark livery that has seen images of it flood Instagram as it makes its way around the globe on a world tour.

It's even been spotted at Nepal's Kathmandu-Tribhuvan airport when it went to visit Mount Everest, reported


But another attractive feature of the Brazilian-made passenger jet, which accommodates up to 150 passengers, is that it has a 2-2 seat configuration.

That means passengers are assigned to either a window or aisle seat, and there isn't a dreaded middle seat in sight.

It has larger windows than its rivals, which means it has brighter cabins, and it has overhead bag compartments that are 40 per cent larger and able to fit standard carry-on luggage wheels-first, and there are no under-seat rails interrupting the leg room, CNN reports.

"Preserving passenger personal space is the goal … [to] give passengers the impression of having greater space, or of being on a larger aircraft," Embraer's vice president of marketing Rodrigo Silva e Souza told CNN.

The livery is turning heads, but its what's inside the E190 that matters. Photo / Supplied
The livery is turning heads, but its what's inside the E190 that matters. Photo / Supplied

It also burns 17 per cent less fuel than its predecessor, the E190, which will make it an attractive sell to airlines.

When Embraer debuted the plane in February, it sported an eye-catching tiger livery.

The Embraer E190-E2 is heading to Dublin on its final leg of its world tour. But it has been in operation at Norway's Widerøe airline since April.

About 2800 of the planes will be rolled out to countries across Europe in the next 20 years — although they don't all have to have the great white shark paint job.