Tennessy Weir flies on Jetstar flight JQ251 from Auckland to Wellington.


An A320 of the older type. It was quite a noisy flight.

Class: Economy all the way through the cabin.


Luggage: Carry-on. We all had a 7kg limit.

Check-in: Online. Easy.

Airport experience: The Auckland domestic terminal was busy for 5.15am, so the lines through to the gates were long. Lots of people were getting bag searches too.

Flight time: We were 47 minutes in the air.

On time: Delayed by 15 minutes but we arrived in Wellington just five minutes behind schedule.

Seat: 5E.

How full: A full flight.

Entertainment: None, the cabin lights were dimmed and most passengers had their eyes closed.


Service: Very friendly and professional.

Food and drink: You can purchase it on the plane using credit or debit card.

Fellow passengers: About two kids and the rest were adults. Some were partygoers who looked like they had enjoyed Friday Jams Live, the ZM show at Western Springs before making it to this 6am flight. Hope Salt-N-Pepa were worth it, folks ...

Toilets: Still there.

Would I fly again: Can't let a bargain go by, so most definitely.