Neil Evans flies Auckland to Bangkok with Thai Airways flight TG0492.


Boeing 787-9.

Class: Economy.


Seat: I was in 49D.

How full: This was a Friday lunchtime flight and was only about two-thirds full. I enjoyed a whole row, as did a number of other passengers.

Time: Left on time at 1.10pm with flying time to Bangkok 11hr 20m.

Food and drink: Lunch was served shortly after take off and I chose a delicious beef and mashed potato. I gave the shrimp salad a miss as I could see it had coriander, which I happen to dislike with a passion. Dinner was a safe. tasty chicken and rice with a local Thai fruit salad. There was plenty of opportunity during the flight to obtain juice/water in between meals.

Service: Attentive and frequent.

Entertainment: Large range of movies, TV shows and games as would be expected. I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of recent blockbusters. I ended up watching American Animals and The Commuter, both of which helped pass the time.

Toilets: Clean throughout the journey. All that juice and water has to go somewhere.

Airport Experience: I checked luggage straight through to Vientiane in Laos despite overnighting in Bangkok. Exiting Bangkok was quick and efficient. Plenty of shopping for those interested. Bangkok airport is clean and modern.


Bottom line: Would certainly fly again with Thai Airlines.