As Singapore Airlines launches the longest flight in the world, Laird Kay (of Very Plane Clothes) shares tips for staying fashionable on your flight.

"What do I wear on the flight?" is a fraught question that every traveller wrestles with before getting on the plane. There are so many different criteria for the outfit; it must be comfortable, it must be adaptable for different temperatures (we've all been on those hot and on those cold flights), and of course, it must be stylish.


Fabric technology is now giving brands many more options for design. Lululemon, and Kit and Ace now have a category of clothing they've called 'Bleisure' – looks like a business pant, but feels like a comfortable leisure pant. They are stretchy, they are soft, and can you walk off your red-eye flight looking pressed and ready forabusiness meeting.



It's always more comfortable to take shoes off on a flight. But, no matter if you've had a pedicure or you think your feet look great, let's face it, your seatmates don't want to see your bare feet. Instead, pack a pair of Tom's Canvas Slipons in your carry-on. Slip-ons are breathable, have a relaxed fit, and your seatmates will thank you.


With airlines scheduling longer flights (hello Singapore Airlines, with the Changi to New York 18-hour marathon), for your health, compression socksare a must to avoid deep-vein thrombosis. Companies such as Top&Derby have a line of fashionable compression socks in bold colours with names like "Daylight Savings", "Coral of the Story", and "Sesame Sweater". The best part is no one will know you are wearing compression socks.


Always wear layers when travelling. Most flights are a bitof a Goldilocks experience: will the plane be too hot, too cold, or just right? Best to wear layers and peel off as need be. Bring a sweatshirt/cardigan, and if it gets too hot, roll it up inside out, and use it as a pillow.


Whether you call it a Belt Bag, Fanny Pack, Bum Bag or Bicycle Bag, it has come back as a high fashion statement piece. It's super useful for packing your go to items like passport, phone, and toothbrush. Consider it the ultra express version of the carry-on.