Head chef Cameron Knox and restaurant Xoong will be at this year's Taste of Auckland, from November 1-4, at Queens Wharf.

What was your greatest holiday?

I've had many great holidays for many different reasons. Tuscany was an amazing food experience, San Sebastian (Spain) for eating pintxos, and travelling through Croatia alone was, perhaps, the best "fun" time with a hundred stories, all a little crazy.

And the worst?
Not sure I've ever had a bad holiday. Even when things go bad, afterwards, you survive and laugh at the adventure of it.


If we bump into you on holiday, what are you most likely to be doing?
Searching through local markets, eating anywhere, from the street to the best in the area, or chilling on the beach with a book and an ice-cold beer.

If we could teleport you to one place in New Zealand for a week-long holiday, where would it be?
I've been lucky enough to see most of NZ, but I've never been to Fiordland or Great Barrier Island. Send me to either for a week please, or both.

How about for a dream holiday internationally?
Next destination is South America, anywhere. Just waiting for that Lotto win.

Aisle seat or window seat?
Window. I love seeing the world from a different angle. Flying over the Italian Dolomites on a perfect winter's day was amazing. Recently, on the way to Bali, I flew directly over Sydney and over the entire country before leaving northern WA. Not a cloud for the whole five hours. Absolutely fascinating.

Complete this sentence: I can't travel without ... Tough one, I get by on what I have, a passport and money, I can deal without anything else (I think).

What's the best travel tip you've ever been given?
"Go and see the world, come back when you are ready." My mother on Boxing Day 1996.

What was the most memorable meal you've had while travelling?
Cooking at an 800-year-old villa overlooking Pistoia, in Italy. Bistecca penzance, a choice cut from the famous butcher Dario Cecchini, porcini and aubergine, all grilled on an open fire set on a lava-stone bench. Sangiovese and grappa to finish. Brilliant.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?
Memories and inspiration.


Favourite airport to land at?
Possibly Nelson. My family holiday house is in Golden Bay and I love chilling out there. Once I get to Nelson, I know I'm going to relax.

What's the next trip you've got planned?
I've just had four weeks in Bali and one in Port Douglas, so nothing planned at the moment. Hmm ... better start thinking about that.