Jamie Morton flies from San Francisco to Los Angeles with United Airlines.

The plane:

Boeing 787-3

The seat: 1E (Business class). Plenty of room.


Price: This leg will typically set you back from $180 to $200.

Flight time: Usually a 1hor 40min hop but in this case the flight was delayed by more than an hour due to a crowded LAX and a last-minute cabin clean.

Food and drink: A good selection of beers, wines and spirits. In spite of that I settled for a Coke.

Entertainment: Plenty of channels of live TV, along with some movies just hitting the box office — Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs was great to see. However there weren't any headphones provided and the flight attendant had to rummage through a few cupboards to find a pair.

Service: No problems here, friendly and helpful.

Toilets: Tidy, as you would have hoped given boarding was interrupted to let the cleaning crew finish.

Airport experience: The United Lounge is always a nice chance for a cool martini but it has nothing on the superior Star Alliance Lounge at LAX.

Would I take this flight again? Sure.