Sara Dajani looks at three ways to entertain your kids on the biggest flights.

1 Games, games, movies, games

There are hundreds of free games on the app store that will keep your kids entertained for hours — be sure to load a couple on to yourtablet before yourflight. The day before, go through the apps with your child to familiarise them,reducing hassle for you inflight.

Whilst you're at it, you could add to the list educational gaming apps such as Tynker, which teaches kids coding skills and how to make their own visual projects. Make sure to download theirfavourite animated movies, which will ideally keep them quiet and occupied. Don't forget to pack comfortable, child-friendly headphones too. And even the most limited longhaul airlines have a massive variety of children's films that will help cure their boredom.

2 Bring colouring and reading books

Colouring books will cure children's boredom and help them feel entertained, even if it's just for a short while. Bring a few of theirfavourite ones to keep them busy.


Consider the Big Maze Book, by Kirsteen Robson and illustrator Ruth Russell, along with the classic Where's Wally. Geography books, such as Adventures Around the Globe and Hello World, can be a fun way to build excitement and learning about the trip you're on. Try alternating between films and books so the kids don't lose their attention span.

3 Pack lots of snacks

Make sure to pack your children's favourite snacks to keep them happy and satisfied with theirfood during the flight. There's nothing worse than having groaning children during a long flight and bringing your own snacks means you can have a little control of the healthiness of the food being eaten.

Consider dried fruits, nuts, granola bars, popcorn, cheese sticks and homemade muffins. Put junior's favourite food into separate ziplock bags so that they don't get spoiled. Also don't forget to take advantage of the readily available plane snacks on board.