CNN has confirmed it will be airing the final season of Parts Unknown, featuring the late Anthony Bourdain.

Following the death of the chef and travel writer during filming in Strasbourg, France, production was plunged into uncertainty. However, in an interview with The Los Angeles Times the company confirmed that the final show will be completed and aired to audiences.

CNN's Amy Entelis told the Times that only one episode was completed before Bourdain's death.

The episode Filmed in Kenya will be the only one to feature Bourdain's signature narration, which featured so prominently in the first series of Parts Unknown.


The remaining episodes, though incomplete, will be pieced together with follow up interviews and guests who knew the late chef.

"Each one will feel slightly different depending on what's gathered in the field," she said.

"They will have the full presence of Tony because you'll see him, you'll hear him, you'll watch him. That layer of his narration will be missing, but it will be replaced by other voices of people who are in the episodes."

The final series will be very different to the original travel show, which was a hit for the network.

The original series followed Anthony Bourdain around less-accessible destinations such as Columbia and Libya, as he explored what these unlikely locations might have to offer for adventurous travellers and equally adventurous foodies.