Most cities and countries share similar rules - and that certainly makes life a bit easier for everyone.

But a new internet thread has revealed how there are dozens of weird legal discrepancies that could see the unwary come unstuck, the Daily Mail reports.

For instance, in some places it's against the law to fly a kite, put up coloured lights at Christmas or even feed a prisoner something other than lobster.

The aforementioned thread is on Reddit and emerged after a user asked: "Cops of Reddit, what strange or obscure laws does your town require you to enforce?"


One of the first to reply was "ChristianPoPo", who claims to work as a police officer in Australia.

He explained: "Cop in Australia. If I catch you with having more than 50kg of potatoes in your possession I WILL arrest you. Mostly because it would be hilarious.... then I'll unarrest you because who really gives a s***. Still illegal in Western Australia though."

Staying on a food theme, "Rexrowland" pointed out that he believes that it is still law in Orange County, California, to feed prison inmates lobster.

He added: "The law stems from when lobster was considered trash and a common by-catch from local ocean fishery.

"It seems the solution was to use them as protein in the local jails, and the prisoners revolted."

Meanwhile "HighQueenSkyrim" wrote that she was surprised by a law in Cobb County near Atlanta, which states that it is illegal to operate a food truck in any capacity.

She explained: "Ice cream trucks are okay, but any food made in a mobile vehicle is illegal to be sold or even given away. My MIL (mother-in-law) had a food truck and operated her business in the city of Atlanta, but couldn't sell in Cobb County where she lived."

You won't see sparkling Christmas lights in Hingham, Massachussets. Photo / 123RF
You won't see sparkling Christmas lights in Hingham, Massachussets. Photo / 123RF

Fellow Redditor "Gampfer" revealed how in Hingham, Massachussets, there is a law against coloured and flashing Christmas lights on the exterior of any home on Main Street.


And "harrypugger" pointed out that in the land-locked state of Nebraska, whale fishing is illegal.

Meanwhile "eDgAR" revealed how he came unstuck as a 15-year-old after buying some cheap kites in the city of Chicago.

He revealed: "We started trying to fly them by the Art Institute when we got stopped by a cop.

"He told us that kites were not allowed to be flown anywhere in the downtown area and if he saw us doing it again he would give us a $250 citation.

"It seemed kind of weird since Millennium and Grant Park were both in the downtown area, but we didn't argue."

There are strange laws associated with London's parks, too.

Blueeyedfoxie said: "When I used to work in London, I learnt that Pelican-touching is 'expressly forbidden' should you happen to find one in a London park.

"According to the Royal Parks And Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997. You can pet one if 'prior permission is obtained'. Presumably from the park, not the pelican I guess."

Flying kites is illegal in downtown Chicago. Photo / 123RF
Flying kites is illegal in downtown Chicago. Photo / 123RF

Meanwhile some commenting on the thread revealed some of the bizarre rules still on the law books in Canada.

Malted Shark said: "Obligatory not cop, but illegal to hit a Canadian goose with your car. You'll at the very least get slapped with a fine.

"Have personally watched it happen because the person was too impatient to wait for them to cross."

And "ichardec" added: "In Toronto you may not drag your dead horse down Yonge Street on a Sunday."

Staying with Toronto, "winterlayers" explained: "There is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada, where it is illegal to sell alcohol in an establishment with more than two arcade games. Not the whole city, just this one particular neighbourhood.

"A Pinball cafe opened in said neighbourhood, bringing in all sorts of retro and new pinball machines that would rotate through. Opened with quite a bit of hype. First few months they were busy and had great reviews.

"But there was a hold up with the liquor license which caused them to lose money. Eventually the license was denied based on this prohibition era law that had never been taken off the books. Pinball cafe closed."