Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is said to be spewing out green crystals in the lava flow.

Locals have spotted green gems near their homes since the volcano began erupting more than a month ago.

The green minerals are olivine, as Mashable explained.

Twitter users have been sharing photos of the little gems, which are fairly common and, in large quantities, can turn Hawaii's beaches green.


The crystals reportedly are from violently ejected lava blobs and separate from the lava flow.

Because most roads in Hawaii are made up of ground-up olivine-rich lava rock, it is not uncommon to see olivine on the ground on the island.

The tiny green gems have reportedly been created deep underground inside the volcano, a long time ago.

Other crystals can also be found on the ground in Hawaii as a result of the eruption, which began more than a month ago.

Drone footage of Hawaiian volcano eruption. Source: Hawaii News Now / Jeremiah Osuna