The subterranean Waitomo Caves are starring in a new, big budget documentary series.

One Strange Rock by National Geographic has travelled the world in search of the oddest natural phenomenon on Earth.

Part eight of a ten part series, the episode has been titled "Alien."

The show will be centring around the otherworldly glow worms found in the it's easy to see why.

The larvae hang from a network of silk and mucus, illuminating the cave ceilings with their light-emitting back ends. The effect is an array of spectacular constellations which have been a draw to fateful insects and tourists alike.


The strange natural light show has been an attraction for visitors as far back as the 1900s and since then the caves have become a 'must see' for tourists.

From the microscopic to the cosmic the show aims to change our perspective by "revealing our planet through an alien lens," claims the show.

One member of the crew who is no stranger to extra-terrestrials is the show's host and Men in Black star Will Smith.

The series has been shot across 45 different countries and wrapped filming in New Zealand in July last year.

"We're thrilled that production crews are as intrigued by the wonder of Waitomo as we are and able to share this special place with millions around the world," Said Travis Donoghue of Discover Waitomo.

This isn't the glowing worm's first taste of the limelight. In 2006, they featured in the BBC's Planet Earth TV series.

One Strange Rock "Alien" featuring Waitomo will screen Wednesday, June 13 – 7.30pm on National Geographic (SKY Channel 72)