The Hawaiian volcano Kilauea erupted into the news last week.

The impression is one of general chaos, with pictures of cars and buildings being engulfed by a stream molten rock .

Yet the new message to tourists is encouraging: keep on coming.

Following the eruption on May 3rd, the active volcano has steamrolled over thirty buildings on the main Island of Hawaii, twenty six of which were houses.


Thankfully there have been not reported deaths or injuries, due in-part to quick action by the Hawaii County Civil Defence Agency.

The civil defence and Red Cross have been working in the Puna region, which borders the volcanic national park on of the largest island of Hawaii, helping residents find shelter and escape the path of the lava.

While the agency is still warning against travel to the area of about ten square miles, they have revised down their original statements.

"Residents and visitors who do not have official business in the active evacuation area (Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens Subdivisions) are asked to stay away to keep the roads as clear as possible"

Kiwi holiday makers who have been nervously watching the events unfold needn't worry.

Airlines continue to travel to Hawaiian islands, with both airports remaining unaffected.

The Hawaiian Tourism Authority placated worried travellers, stating that there was "no reason at this time for travelers to change or alter their leisure or business plans."

Far away from the holiday hubs of Maui and Honolulu, most travellers should have no reason to cancel or rearrange any travel plans to Hawaii.


Following the downgrading of the incident, travel insurer Allianz issued a statement for their policyholders visiting the island.

"It is important to note that your travel insurance provider will likely not provide cover if you were to either cancel or rearrange plans to any of the unaffected areas."

Travellers getting cold feet and choosing to rearrange trips will most likely not be able to claim back flights on insurance.

Now the smoke has cleared, it looks likely that this event is typical of previous eruptions. The insurer was clear to point out that the Kilauea "has been active for over 35 years."

The people of Puna have been living with the threat of outbursts from their volcanic neighbour for years.

The last time Kilauea erupted in 2014, the lava stopped just short of the town of Pahoa.

Twenty five years earlier, In 1990, the volcano wiped out the small towns of Kalapana, Kaimū which are now buried beneath 50 foot of lava.

Hawaii popular holiday destination for New Zealanders, as the closest American state with direct flights from the country. Last year, 68,481 Kiwis visited Hawaii. For many tourists the islands' volcanic activity remain one of the main draws.

If you are considering travelling to Hawaii updates can be seen on and
Policy holders with Allianz should Contact their Information Hotline on 0800 800 048 or +649 486 0048. Or if you are already travelling an Emergency Assistance team accept reverse charges to +61 7 3305 7499