More than 16 years on from the first Lord of the Rings film release in 2001, hordes of fans still flock to New Zealand, where it was filmed.

One such fan, Bry Voydatch, decided to venture to Middle-earth from Massachusetts for her 21st birthday in a bid to photograph herself at some of the exact locations used in the fantasy trilogy - and the results are very impressive.

The physics student told the Mail Online Travel that she spent two weeks venturing around the North and South islands of New Zealand and managed to visit almost every filming site from Lord of the Rings.

She said it was a little stressful trying to pack so much in: 'Trying to see as many locations as I could within a couple of weeks took some really careful planning.


'On the South Island I found that WiFi was sparse and things like Airbnbs and rental cars needed to be booked well-ahead of time.'

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Bry Voydatch decided to venture from Massachusetts in the U.S. to New Zealand in a bid to reenact scenes from The Lord of the Rings for her 21st birthday. Above, she takes on the roles of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee in The Return of the King as they journey to Mordor. Many Mordor scenes were filmed around New Zealand's largest active volcano, Mount Ruapehu.

Bry strikes a pose, trying to emulate Frodo Baggins as he leaves the Shire with the soul-destroying Ring. At this point in The Fellowship of the Ring, the hobbits are being chased by the evil Ringwraiths - also known as the Nazgûl. The movie set was located close to Wellington

With a bit of help from Photoshop, Bry takes on the roles of Frodo and his three companions - Merry, Pippin and Sam (top). This is the hobbits' first close encounter with the Nazgul, who go on to chase them on terrifying black steeds.

Bry said it was a little stressful trying to pack so much in. Above, she stands on the spot where the great fortress of Isengard - also known as the Iron Fortress - is located in The Two Towers (bottom). In The Lord of the Rings, Isengard is a great fortress located within a valley at the southern end of the Misty Mountains near the Gap of Rohan. In the centre of the Ring of Isengard stands the stone tower of Orthanc (top)

Bry took this shot (top) while travelling towards the Putangirua Pinnacles in Aorangi Forest Park. It was used as a scene in The Return of the King. These eroded pillars make up the Dimholt Road that Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli take when they first encounter the Army of the Undead in The Return of the King (bottom)