Alexander Robertson flies from Darwin to Gove aboard TL160.

The plane:

Air North E170 Embraer — quite sleek and classy, looks like a big version of a private jet.

Class: Peasant


On time: You know it.

My seat: 7F on the right hand side looking out over the jet engine to keep an eye out for any smoke or flames.

Fellow passengers: Pretty yobbo — can I say that?

How full: Pretty full, but there was even room with my yobbo neighbour dominating the middle arm rest. Wow.

The service: No budging on the 5kg carry on limit. Luckily I had a few trusty tour comrades to take the camera gear that was weighing me down.

Food and drink: For a pescatarian flaming nice. Scrambled egg, mushrooms and potatoes with peaches.

The airport experience: Cool calm and no stress. Exactly what you need at crazy o'clock in the morning. Security staff were more interested in talking about moustaches than interrogation. Had another explosives swab down — I must have that look.

Would you fly this again: Oh yeah, Air North you go alright!