Herald Travel

, joined by chief judge Michael Donaldson, has been sampling the

best airline beers so you know what to look out for when flying out of Auckland.

Garage Project Hapi Daze Singapore Airlines
Head Judge's notes: "For the full flavour profile and those great New Zealand hops — which really showcase New Zealand when you're flying out of New Zealand. "Straight up just a whiff of Kiwi hops — bit of diesel and some sweet passionfruit going on in there.


That's really 'Kiwi hoppy'. That's lovely.

"If you're getting this beer, you should be pretty delighted."


Betsy Cathay Pacific

Head Judge's notes: "Just because of its unique and interesting flavour. It's a really different and unusual beer.

"There's a sort of lagery, sulphury note on the nose. That's actually really nice!"

Chief judge Michael Donaldson.
Chief judge Michael Donaldson.


Steinlager Pure Air New Zealand

Head Judge's notes: "You know what you're getting with Steinlager. It's a really under-rated beer. Technically really well made. Sweetish, clean, very drinkable.

"A well-earned podium place."