Loved-up couples can build their own romantic retreat in an impressive village made entirely out of snow and ice, reports Jennifer Newton for the Mail Online.

Located in the picturesque snow-capped mountains of Stansstad in Switzerland, Iglu-Dorf offers families and couples the chance to sleep in real-life igloos they have put together themselves.

The village is built from scratch every winter in around 3,000 hours and detailed with unusual ice sculptures, this year focusing on Norse mythology.

As part of the experience, couples can construct their very own love nest that they will then be able to sleep in starting from £286 (NZ$545) per person per night.


After spending up to a day building their home the couple then sleep inside, with sheepskins and expedition sleeping bags able to withstand -40 degree weather.

Aldo Balatti, 32, the chief executive of Igloo-Village Zermatt, said: "Depending on the size and the amount of people building it, a usual small igloo, where you can sleep in with two people takes one day with two people to build it.

"It is very romantic to build a house of your own, even if it is out of snow.

"And after all the work you will sleep like an angel, it's being outdoors and enjoying nature at its fullest."

Of the various packages available to families, couples and explorers, an unusual draw is the impressive ice artwork conjured up inside several of the pre-built igloos.

Mr Balatti added: "The ice-artwork has been constructed by an ice-sculptor while being inside the igloo.
"The theme this year is Norse mythology. We have big gods, symbols and knights in the igloo-village in Zermatt."

However, the company says 99 per cent of their guests stay one night only.

It explained: "We don't generally recommend [more than one night] as we neither have running water, nor showers."