Most hotel guests expect a comfortable bed, clean sheets and towels and a tidy bathroom.

Not bullets in a drawer and cold pizza at the bottom of the bed.

But that's precisely what two unfortunate guests found in their hotel rooms according to a shocking internet thread, MailOnline reports.

The revelations were made on Quora, after a user posed the question: "What's the weirdest thing you've found in a hotel room?"


And for Steve Brewer, it was an unwelcome cold surprise at the bottom of his bed.

He told the forum: "There deep into my bed, right where your feet would rest, was an ice-cold pizza! That's right a pizza! What sick, perverted son of a b***h would do such a thing?

"I sat in a chair, laughed hysterically for five minutes and then called hotel security."

And Susannah Archer also received a shock when she pulled back the sheets of her bed.

She explained: "My mom was straightening the blankets. As she was pulling the sheets, something white fell out onto the floor. My mom looked at the object and screamed.

"We ran over to find somebody's underwear lying on the floor. A man's XXL sized underwear. Covered in faded brown stains. Definitely not ours."

While Andrea Lopez recalled a story he was told while working in a resort in Mexico.

He added: "A couple arrived at the hotel (fancy beach resort) for just one night. They looked like hippies and weren't exactly clean, so they attracted everyone's attention. Still, they got treated with great service, as any other guest would.

"The next morning they asked for the general manager to go up to their room. They insisted upon it and said they wanted to show him something.

"He was surprised when he came in and saw the wall against the bed completely painted in graffiti! It was a big disaster of color and shapes of body parts.

"Then the guests proceeded to explain that they were artists and wanted to offer their service to paint all rooms in the hotel! They said this one was a courtesy and for free."

One guest found bullet in a box of bullets in a drawer next to the bed, while another found cold pizza under the sheets. Photo / 123RF
One guest found bullet in a box of bullets in a drawer next to the bed, while another found cold pizza under the sheets. Photo / 123RF

Meanwhile Ricardo Caetano was left gobsmacked by a discovery in a bedside table at one hotel.

He explained: "I've stopped on a chain hotel on the journey from Vegas to Grand Canyon. In the drawer of the bedside table there was the usual bible and a box of bullets… one was missing.

"Didn't mess with them, didn't tell the receptionist, left in the morning."

But the weirdness doesn't stop there.

Codi Nowacki divulged that while on a business trip a colleague knocked on her door and said she was waiting for a new room - as there was a naked man in her shower.

Meanwhile, hotel cleaner Amy Wilson once found a hotel bathroom completely covered in blue ink, while user Will Seiller found 26 unopened bottles of commercial hair dye in various shades in a room in New York City.

Internet user Sean Kernan discovered a mirror on the ceiling above the bed in one room and Lorrie Williams Kresse found dog faeces under a table.

George Deitz said he opened a drawer in a hotel room in Iowa to find a giant bag of marijuana. And Rob Wall, CEO of Natural Ability, said that his daughters, aged 18 and 21, discovered a red dildo under the bed sheets. The owner, he said, blamed the previous guests and "shoddy cleaners".