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My girlfriend and I are wondering: What's the best way to join the mile-high club?
Enthusiastic Flyer

Well, as far as I know there are two options — the bathroom (shudder) and the "under the blanket" (double shudder). I've also read online that on some A320s the wall between two bathroom stalls can open, for passengers in wheelchairs ... and some shameless travellers have taken advantage of that.

If you're considering the "under the blanket" option, please be considerate of your fellow passengers. And the blanket. Think of that poor staff member who has to collect it afterwards.


To be honest, this is probably one of those things that's better in theory than in practice.

My best friend and I want to take a trip to a Pacific Island. We don't have a huge budget and will probably just stay in hostels. Which is the most budget-friendly island to go to?

The islands can be great for a cheap holiday — though some are more luxurious than others, there are money-saving options around.

For a start, consider travelling during the low season — November to March. Although this is rainy season, the temperature is tropical and you're still likely to get plenty of sunny days.

My contact at Flight Centre has a few suggestions for destinations.


Samoa is a great place to visit for a low-budget holiday — and you don't necessarily need to stay in a hostel to keep your budget low.

"Spend a few nights in a fale — these are very traditional and similar to camping, with a mattress, blanket and mosquito net in your own little bungalow on a stunning beach.


"You can also save money getting around by catching one of the unique brightly coloured buses — while they're not super-reliable, it's a memorable way to see Samoa and get to know the locals.


Tonga is more off the beaten track than other Pacific Islands — that means fewer tourists, which is always a plus, and there's lots of cheap accommodation. There are plenty of free or low-cost activities — check out the blowholes along the coastline and Talamahu Market every Sunday."

"In the large towns, you'll be able to find backpacker hostels and further out, guesthouses are a great option. They are often affordable, run by a local family and will give you a great authentic experience."


Lastly, though Fiji can be known as a slightly pricey destination, there are still opportunities for adventure on a backpacker's budget. The right tour package can also be an affordable way to see the many islands of the country.

"Awesome Adventures tours can be catered to your interests and age group. You can explore the Mamanuca Islands before cruising up through the mountainous southern Yasawa Islands to relax in the Blue Lagoon region."

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