After a long, tiring flight the last thing you want to do is have to stand around and wait for your suitcase on the luggage carousel.

But a baggage handler has revealed how you can make sure that your luggage always comes off first - and it's all to do with how early you get to the airport.

According to Thomas Lo Sciuto, who worked at a regional airport in the US, if you check in for your flight early, chances are your bags will be one of the first to be loaded on the aircraft.

And this means that when the baggage handlers at your destination unload the plane, the bags that go on first, will come off last.


Taking to Quora, Mr Lo Sciuto revealed: "Your best option is to be one of the last passengers to check your bags.

"Bags will always be loaded front to back on the bag carts so if you check in last your bags will be in the last bag cart, which will make them the last on the aircraft, and the first off the aircraft at your destination.

"The same logic goes for the other end. If they are the first off the aircraft they will most likely be the first on the bag carts and then the first to be unloaded at baggage claim."

But if waiting to check in at the last moment isn't an option, Mr Lo Sciuto says there's another trick you can try.

He explained: "You can also gate check your bag so it will go on last.

"The downside of that method is that you will not be able to pack liquids or any other items that cannot go in a carry-on bag as you will need to bring the bag with you through the security checkpoint and to the gate.

"Also remember to be nice to your counter agents and gate agents. The friendlier you are the more likely you will get what you want."

But if your bag is too big to go through security, there is one other trick you could try.


According to Travel + Leisure, you could ask the check in agent if they will put a fragile sticker over your bag.

This is because luggage with these on are also often loaded last with more care taken over them.