As the stats show, now is a great time to think outside the box for overseas travel. Flights have never been cheaper and the choices available to us have never been better. Yes, you could just go to the same old fly-and-flop destination your family has been visiting for years, but why not try something new? There's a world of fresh opportunity out there.

"The last few years have seen an explosion in experiential travel as holidaymakers look for unique experiences," says Sean Berenson, Flight Centre NZ general manager product. "Many want to now actually do something on vacation, not just relax on a beach (although some still definitely want to do that too!). That's fuelled a rise in active travel, culinary travel, wildlife travel and more."

This golden age means now is the time to tick off those bucket-list experiences you've been dreaming about, such as that Amazon river wildlife safari, Italian food tour or a cycling trip in Nepal.

And because airfares are so affordable, you could potentially look at multiple holidays in any one year. Five years ago you'd be paying up to $4000 for a return airfare to Europe, now you can get there for much less than $2000. Take those savings and use them on a long weekend in Fiji, a quick hop over the Ditch, or a short cruise around New Zealand.


Or use the money to treat yourself when it comes to the journey, as well as the destination. Air travel doesn't have to be a grin-and-bear-it situation, with more airlines offering excellent - and affordable - premium services that make flying a pleasure and not just a means to an end.

But the main takeaway from all this is that as travellers, you are in charge. It's a great position to be in ... make the most of it.