Fez Faanana is artistic director for Briefs, an all-male boylesque troupe coming to
Q Theatre
with a new show, Close Encounters, from November 21.


Having the chance to travel the word with Briefs is a luxury that I have always wished for, a privilege that I don't take lightly and an opportunity I try to maximise. Where I can, I try to sticky tape a fancy holiday on to the end of our touring schedule. One of my favourite destinations to date is the ridiculously stunning Island of Favigianna situated off the west coast of Sicily. The history is mind blowing and at your finger tips, the food is worth crying for; particularly the caponata and the wine is minus the pretention, slushed into large tumblers out of large carafes. The Sicilian people are dramatic, passionate and beautifully hospitable with a dose of laidback island culture and the kind of irreverence and personal banter touch that is normally reserved for your family.



Travelling is always good even if it's bad. If you come out the other end of a trip unscathed then generally you can look back at the experience fondly or traumatically, either way you can have a laugh. Trying new destinations is always an interesting adventure and sometimes the misadventures makes the trip. I am finding it really hard to think up a travel miss. I think I have been very spoilt. I think my biggest travel miss has been losing my passport in Berlin. It's not really that exciting. Seriously though. I can't think of anything more interesting.