Some travellers can find high-end luxury disconcerting. Maureen Marriner returns from her cruise aboard Silversea's Silver Whisper with these tips for the hoi polloi.


Let your butler unpack for you, because it's his or her job. (Best for everyone if you leave any grotty knickers at home.) Your butler will be pleased to make you early morning tea, organise shore excursions, adjust dining times, polish shoes, whatever you require.

2. There will be lots of smiles - these are not unhappy places - so be prepared to return them


3. Check out dress codes well in advance and ensure your wardrobe can cope. This means you will not feel uncomfortable.

4. Food and drink is available 24/7 - so don't make a pig of yourself.

5. If you are on a luxury cruise you deserve to be there and fellow guests are all in the same boat. Enjoy.

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