Air New Zealand passengers will soon have the ability to post their plane bathroom selfies while still on the plane, thanks to its new in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Air New Zealand announced today that it is trialling the Wi-Fi service on one of its long-haul Boeing 777-300 aircraft. The service will be rolled out across the airline's entire international jet fleet, with further Wi-Fi enabled aircraft available over the next couple of months.

However, bringing the world wide web to the skies also brings some etiquette issues along with it - so before you connect, it's best to think about the things you probably shouldn't do.

Have loud phone conversations


With in-flight Wi-Fi comes the ability to make internet calls through Facebook, Skype, or other similar services. While it's tempting to call your mum and ask "Guess where I am?" it's not going to impress your fellow passengers. And you'll probably end up endlessly repeating yourself, as these services tend to slow as more people use them.

Access porn sites

You probably won't be able to do this anyway, due to web filters, but even if you do find you can access a porn site, it doesn't mean you should. Think of the children sitting near you - and the grown-ups for that matter!

Get caught up in work

Inflight Wi-Fi sets a dangerous precedent - previously, being on a plane was like returning to a time before the internet, giving us a well-deserved break from social media. Sending one work-related email from the plane may give the impression you're 'on-call' for the rest of the flight. Play it safe and pretend the connection was too slow.

Phone volume on

If you're getting caught up in an instant messenger conversation, make sure you've flicked your phone onto silent first. No one wants to hear the constant 'bings!' as you go through the stages of "I'm on a plane!" "No way bro, how are you online?" and so on.