Bree Peters stars in The Wholehearted, touring New Zealand from September 5.


I have Scottish ancestry so I know a few things for sure; my clan, my tartan and what a "Numpty" is, but aside from that I wasn't too sure what to expect of Edinburgh. On a normal day Edinburgh is rich in history, culture, castles, whisky and Irn-Bru. And during the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe festival when I was there it was all this, plus a few thousand performers and many more tourists. During the festival I was either working or sleeping but I managed to fit in a few things. If you ever get the chance to go there, here are some must-dos:

• Walk the Royal Mile then nip into a pub that is older than time for a pint.
• Take a Whisky Tour. It's Scotland. Scotch. They wouldn't name it after themselves if it wasn't good.
• Tour Edinburgh Castle. In fact, drink the whisky and then do the castle.
• Climb Arthur's Seat one morning to watch the sun come up. Maybe quietly quote a line from Trainspotting to yourself. You know the one.
• Take the 45-minute train ride to Glasgow for the day, eat a deep-fried Mars bar and ask a local where you should go for lunch. Chances are they will walk you there themselves.
• Before you do any of this, hit up Primark. You will need a raincoat. My Glaswegian pal once told me, "In Scotland, summer is on a Tuesday".



I feel bad talking about bad times travelling because I think that you can have a bad time anywhere. You just need the perfect amount of rubbish circumstances and then you are there . . . in hell, living out of a suitcase and running out of toothpaste. But I will say that it is a particular talent of mine to get food poisoning in every country no matter how sterile, five-star or exotic the location. Here's a tip, if anything has the word "Roadside" in it, don't eat it. Abort.

Bree Peters stars in The Wholehearted, touring New Zealand from September 5.