Stephanie Holmes flies from Adelaide to Auckland aboard Air New Zealand's NZ792.

The plane:

An Airbus A320.

Class: The Works.


Price: Best price of all: Someone else paid.

Flight time: 4hr, 5min.

On time: We were 15 minutes late to depart.

My seat: 19D, an aisle seat. 19E was empty so the woman in the window seat and I could spread out a bit.

Fellow passengers: A lot of Kiwis returning home from Aussie holidays, plus a good contingent of Aussies on their way to join a cruise ship in Auckland.

How full: There were hardly any other spare seats so a big thanks to the plane gods for smiling on me.

Entertainment: Works tickets give a full selection of TV shows and movies, and it was a strong month with some great new releases and TV shows, including Divorce, which had thus far only been on premium Sky channel SoHo.

The service: The usual great Air New Zealand service. Plus the added bonus of flight attendant Lisa, who looked exactly like Courteney Cox. Sorry for staring at you Lisa, but you're a dead ringer.

Food and drink: I had a Caribbean chicken curry with tomato rice, black beans, peas and mango salsa, which was really quite good, followed by a butterscotch pecan slice. There was a full bar service, but as I was towards the back of the plane, it was quite slow to arrive.

Toilets: Clean, with a lovely Antipodes Botanical wild blackcurrant, spearmint leaf and cardamom hand wash.

Luggage: 23kg/7kg

The airport experience: Check in at Adelaide was slow, even though there wasn't a huge queue. Not much in the way of duty-free but the pre-immigration shops were worth a browse. Security was a breeze. Arriving in Auckland at 6.45pm on a January Saturday evening was a different story - the airport was rammed, with many flights seeming to have arrived at the same time. Despite that, I managed to get out and on the Skybus pretty quickly.

Would I fly again? Yes. I only had a short time in Adelaide and it seems like a very cool city.