Make sure you try these tasty treats when visiting Poland


A classic Polish dish, pierogie dumplings are one dish you've got to try in their native land. The fillings can be savoury — with mashed potatos and cheese — or sweet, filled with strawberries and served with cream and sugar.

Zurek soup

This comforting soup is made with sour rye flour — akin to sourdough — with potatos, kielbasa and boiled egg. It's often served in an edible bread bowl.

Bigos stew

This 'hunter's stew' is made with cabbage — or sauerkraut — and meat, usually sausage, with mushrooms and other ingredients. It's best eaten with a serving of rye bread.



There are plenty of different sausages to try in Poland, but kielbasa is one of the most traditional — often served at Polish weddings.


This traditional Polish poppy seed cake is served at Christmas and Easter. It's not too sweet, but will melt in your mouth.