We're lucky to live in one of the most picturesque countries in the world — but sometimes, you need look through the eyes of two Aussies to really appreciate it.

Australian couple Jake Scott-Gardner and Joanna Scott describe themselves as "astrophotographers" — they focus their attention on the night skies of Queenstown, where they are currently based, and other areas around the South Island.

The incredible images can take up to one hour to capture — often in freezing conditions — and this commitment to their craft has gained them more than 19,000 Facebook fans and more than 8000 Instagram followers.

The couple relocated to New Zealand as the light pollution in their part of Australia restricted their photographic opportunities.


'The camera can pick up a lot more detail than the naked eye can, but hopefully these give those who are living in a light polluted area an insight into just how incredible our night sky is,' they write on the South of Home Facebook page.

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