The plane:

Jetstar Airbus A320.

Class: Economy

Price: My return ticket was $160.


Flight time: 1 hour 25 minutes.

My seat: 7D on the aisle.

Fellow passengers: Mostly Asian tourists, some young families and backpackers. I sat next to a 4-year-old boy, who played on his mum's smartphone the entire flight without headphones. The constant repeats got quite annoying after 30-odd minutes and my NBA podcast was not enough to distract me.

How full: 98 per cent full.

Entertainment: My iPhone with a NBA podcast and headphones.

The service: The flight attendants were your standard friendly smiling bunch.

Food and drink: They had a selection of sandwiches which could be pre-purchased online and then your usual choice of coffee, tea, soft drink. I had one of their Australian beers (anything to distract myself from the child and his loud game).

The toilets: Clean, easily accessible.


Luggage: I had only a carry-on bag.

The airport experience: Auckland's domestic airport has got better but its bar The Bach could be improved; Christchurch airport's Mac's Bar is far superior.

The bottomline: You get what you pay for, it was your typical budget airline flight.