Economy Class, there are 306 seats in this part of the plane and 42 up in Royal Silk Business.

Price: I paid $1596.80 for return flights from Auckland to London.

Flight time: 12 hours and 5 minutes air time, boarding delayed by 40 minutes.


My seat: 60H — an aisle seat, I pre-selected this online as it looked to have extra legroom with only the galley in front. I wasn't aware I would be in the bassinet area when booking this seat. Whoops!

How full: Very full but there were three empty seats in the middle row to my left.

Fellow Passengers: Families returning from holidays and big tall men who were quick to grab the aisle seats on the empty row. The couple next to me were disappointed as they were hoping to move there with their newborn baby. After take-off they got their wish, swapping seats with one of the big tall men leaving an empty seat next to me — result.

Entertainment: We had the same films as on the previous flight from Auckland to Bangkok. Note to self: Don't watch all the good films on the first flight. There are in-seat TVs, however mine was stored away in the arm rest, along with the table. The Sawasdee inflight magazine isn't a bad read and informed me that Thai Airways had marked its 57th anniversary on May 1.

Food and drink: Hot and tasty. Breakfast was nice with fresh warm croissants, fruit and yoghurt.

Service: Friendly, attentive staff, bringing nibbles followed by drinks, followed by food, followed by tea and coffee, and finally hot towels.

Toilets: Pretty roomy, spotless, floor to ceiling mirrors with dark wood interior.

Amenities: Thai Airways foamy soap dispenser, cologne spray and random little paper cups (no idea what they are meant for — answers on a postcard, please).


Luggage: 30kg check-in bag for Economy. I thought this was pretty good, I could see people checking in multiple cases falling within this allowance. Plus you can take a 7kg carry-on bag.

Airport experience: Bangkok is a cool airport to explore, it's long — very long — so a great opportunity to stretch the legs, do some high-end shopping or even have a cheeky back massage in between flights.

Would I fly again: Yes, reasonably priced and overall very pleasant. The time flew.