Zoe Walker flies Qatar Airways, from Auckland to Doha Hamad.

The plane:

Flight QR921 on a Qatar Airway's Boeing 777.

My seat: 7F, a centre seat in the last row of the Business Class cabins. There are 42 seats in Business class, arranged 2-2-2. They're very roomy, but not as cocoon-like as other planes; there's not a lot of privacy between you and the person next to you, and I did feel a little exposed when sleeping.

The seats have massage settings, and lots of storage nooks for magazines, shoes, toiletries and all the other debris that seems to build up when flying long-haul.


Flight time: This is the leg known as the longest flight in the world; we were in the air for 16 hours and 53 minutes. I was feeling very anxious in the days leading up to the flight, trying to mentally prepare myself to be cooped up and in the air for so long. But it was surprisingly easy, with plenty of time for a decent sleep - obviously being in Business helped, a lot.

How full: Check-in was very busy, with a long line for Economy. On the plane, the Business section looked full to me.

Amenities: A chic black amenity kit; the best I have received on a flight, featuring Giorgio Armani products (a small Si eau de toilette, moisturising body lotion, anti-ageing cream and eye makeup remover). Plus socks, an eye mask, ear plugs and a very handy mini hairbrush. They also give you cosy grey pyjamas and slippers.

Entertainment: A great selection of up-to-date movies, TV shows and music; a blessing when you're in the sky for so long. I finally watched La La Land, got teary eyed watching Moana, and laughed out loud watching the festival episode of Portlandia.

Service: Friendly, efficient and just the right amount of attentive. Helpful tips flash on the cabin screens from time to time, reminding flyers to moisturise, and asking those praying on board to please stay seated.

Food and drink: You're offered a selection of drinks when you get to your seat; the Champagne was in order to calm the nerves and set the mood, but there is also the airline's signature lemon and mint. In Business Class on Qatar Airways, you can eat whatever meal whenever you like - start with dessert, followed by breakfast, then dinner, if you like. I, like most others on the plane, kept it traditional with dinner first: a fragrant chicken breast with Arabic spiced tomato and cinnamon sauce, rice with golden fried onions and raita. I never finish my plane meals, but I inhaled this and cleared the plate.

Delicious! Towards the end of the flight, attendants offer each passenger a Godiva chocolate in a golden box.

Toilets: Much bigger than I have seen before on a plane, and kept tidy. There are toothbrushes and toothpaste and shaving kits.

Luggage: 40kg all up, but a single piece can't weigh more than 32kg.