For most, the idea of packing up their lives and travelling the world for a living is nothing but a dream.

But for young New Zealand couple Nathan Buchan, 26, and Hannah Martin, 25, it's a reality.

The pair, unhappy with their chosen career paths and monotonous daily lives, chose to become travel bloggers for a living and now, earn a six figure income each year.

Nathan, aka World Nate, has revealed to FEMAIL how they got started, what they do to earn money and both the positives and negatives of their nomad lifestyle.


Nathan, a former plumber, realised he wanted to try something new three years ago while on a building site running pipework.

"It was the middle of winter and it was so wet and started hailing. I was getting hit in the face with hail stones that were bouncing off the ground and I was lying in the mud,' Nathan told Daily Mail Australia.

"I never thought "screw this I want to be a travel blogger" but I wanted to create a life on my own terms, where I could be my own boss. I knew if I could make a living online somehow I could travel more so I focused on that."

Nathan spent money on courses, programs and making a blog and saved all the money he could as a plumber to spend on getting his site up and a trip to Vietnam.

While there, he launched his Facebook page before returning home, saving more and leaving to travel full time with just $2,000 in his bank account.

"I thought if I could live somewhere cheap while getting it rolling I would be able to make it work. So I lived in a cockroach infested hostel in Panama for a month, did a lot of activities around there and it paid off," he said.

"Numerous times I questioned what the f**k I was doing and I think most of my friends and family were wondering the same thing. My boss was angry when I quit but I just had to try something different."

While Nathan was off travelling the world, his girlfriend Hannah, who he met years ago at a house party, still had one year left of her four year accounting degree.


And while accounting was something she had wanted to do since she was a child, she too realised her passion wasn't in it and couldn't wait to graduate so she could join her beau overseas.

"As soon as I grabbed my pretty little piece of graduation paper I packed everything I could into a backpack and left," Hannah, aka the Intrepid Introvert, explained on her website.

"Since then we've worked and traveled around countries like Ecuador, Bali, Colombia, Thailand, Canada, the states... the list goes on.

Despite feeling "guilty" for not following the path she felt others expected her to follow, she knew this lifestyle would make her happier in the long run.

"We are wired to believe we have to work 50+ hours a week to be successful and that you can only take two to three weeks of vacation a year. But the world is changing... it's happening right in front of your eyes," she said.

Nathan and Hannah make money in a number of different ways, with Nathan regularly writing posts referring people to companies he uses instead of being paid for 'shout outs' like many travel bloggers do.

"I make commission per sale I make for the company. I promote these posts on Facebook and over time, I can make thousands per post," Nathan explained.

"For example I just wrote a post about how I do my own accounts, why I do my own accounts, and the program I use to do my accounts, Xero.

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"Every time I mention Xero I insert a link to their company. Every time someone clicks my link and starts using Xero through my recommendation, I make $100 in commission. I believe that post will make me around $2,000 - $3,000 over the next few months."

Nathan does this with a number of companies, including a post recently about how he is "homeless" but technically always has a roof over his head because of AirBnB.

"There's not really a "salary". Each month is different. But since 2014 I have done over six figures each year. Much more than I ever would have plumbing," he said.

In addition to his blog posts advertising companies and services, Nathan also builds and runs marketing campaigns through Facebook to help businesses promote their products and services.

Hannah also makes money through referrals, but she also writes and edits for people who don't want to do it themselves.

"It's actually crazy the amount of opportunity there is for people who want to work online," she said.

Nathan, who has been to approximately 26 countries since setting off, said that while he and Hannah love their lifestyle, it's not an easy path to follow.

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"To be honest, I think don't think many people would enjoy this kind of work. Though we get to never stop travelling, we never stop working," he said.

"I would say it's about a split 50/50 work and travel. So half our days/weeks/months are working and half are travelling. So while people are waiting for flights and staring out the window we are making videos, taking photos, writing blogs and planning trips.

"For me, I wouldn't have it any other way as I am just as passionate about business as I am about travel... I just wish I didn't have to sleep."

Nathan's advice for those who wish to try travel blogging is to understand that it takes time.

"I have seen videos of people who preach if you "buy my course" or "follow these steps" then you will be rich and can travel the world," he said.

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"It's not like that - well not in my experience anyway. It takes time, hard work and a tonne of consistency to build a good core following that will listen to you or want to read your stuff."

"Once you have that following however, many opportunities open up to turn it into a business. Just have respect for the people who read your blog and content. Don't mislead or misguide them in order to make money.

"Quality, honest content that helps people will triumph every time."

Hannah said that while it's been a "roller coaster ride" and not all "sunshine and rainbows" she's glad she took the plunge.

"If I didn't do this there's no way I would have discovered myself like I have," Hannah said.

Nate's Instagram page can be found here, and Hannah's, here.