Royal Jordanian says it's banned "drags", but that certainly didn't stop its social media team dragging United Airlines on Twitter.

Royal Jordanian took to Twitter today to poke fun at United Airlines, currently in the midst of a PR disaster after video was filmed of a passenger being dragged off a flight due to overbooking.

In response, Jordan's national carrier tweeted an image of a no-smoking sign, with text reading, "We would like to inform you that drags on our flight are strictly prohibited by passengers and crew".

Along with the image, the airline fired a direct shot at United, writing, "We are here to keep you #united. Dragging is strictly prohibited".


The tweet follows its earlier jabs at US President Donald Trump's travel ban, with the airline well on the way to being the world's sassiest carrier.

Prior to Trump's election, Royal Jordanian tweeted a poster reading, "Just in case he wins...Travel to the US while you're still allowed to!"

When Trump did win, the airline made another jab after his controversial travel ban for seven Muslim-majority countries was suspended.

A humorous graphic depicting the word "Ban" was modified with a writing pen to read "Bon Voyage!" and received over 1000 retweets and widespread plaudits across social media.

In March, the United States and the United Kingdom announced an in-flight electronics ban on passengers from six countries in the Middle East and Africa - and Royal Jordanian was quick to respond with a poetry competition.

The competition offered two free tickets to the United States to the person who penned the best poem to the theme "#electronics ban".

Suggestions were also offered for 12 things to do on a 12-hour flight with no laptop or tablet.