It is every parent's worst nightmare when travelling with children. You are mid flight and your child suddenly breaks into a tantrum.

But instead of judgmental stares and eyerolls, this US flight attendant - and part time guardian angel - turned the nightmare into a beautiful moment of human compassion.

Florida woman Carrie Jaboor detailed the touching encounter on a Southwest Airlines flight in a Facebook post, describing how the airline employee went out of his way to console the child and her exhausted mother.

"My heart...there was a mother and her 2 young girls in front of me on the plane and the baby suddenly had a very loud...

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, 2 April 2017

"There was a mother and her two young girls in front of me on the plane and the baby suddenly had a very loud crying fit that wouldn't stop," Ms Jaboor wrote.


"This Southwest employee asked the mother to come to the back of the plane with him. I looked back and saw him blowing bubbles for the little girl until she stopped crying, as he was also giving tissues to the mother and consoling her as she was crying too. There are some seriously kind people in this world."

And apparently it's not the first time a Southwest Airline employee has gone above and beyond. The post, which has gone viral, has had other Facebook users recount their heartwarming moments with the airline.

"I was a super sick girl coming home from a cruise," Facebook user Sarah Manley wrote.

"Got to the Lauderdale airport a little too early, before I could check in, because all I wanted to do was just find a seat and try to let my medicine kick in.

"The agent fixed my flight by putting me on an earlier, direct flight at no extra cost to me. I'll never forget him going above and beyond for me."

It just goes to show that how a tiny act of kindness can go a long way.