Kiwis dreaming of a sunny escape from the weekend's wild weather saw a 103 per cent increase in searches for overseas holidays last weekend.

The data, from House of Travel, showed the top three dream destinations for those stuck inside as the rain poured outside were Fiji, Samoa and Queensland.

House of Travel marketing director Ken Freer said the increase was seen through its website, reflecting the terrible weather which prevented many people from leaving home.

"As torrential rain flooded parts of the country, it seems that Kiwis who were stuck inside turned to holiday planning and dreaming of being somewhere warmer," he said.


"Not surprisingly, the top three destinations inquired about over the weekend were Fiji, Samoa and Queensland - popular choices for a flop and drop holiday with a bit of sunshine."

Freer said March and April were popular months for holiday planning, as people began to plan a mid-year break to look forward to.

"Often around this time of year the Christmas break is a distant memory and we're fully into the daily grind," he said.

"Christmas can be a busy time where you don't get the rest and relaxation you need to hit the ground running, so a mid-year break to somewhere tropical is often an attractive option.

Clearly with the terrible weather we've been experiencing, the idea of getting some sunshine is even more attractive than usual."