Leighton Luke flies from Singapore to Phuket on Silk Air MI756.

The Plane:

Boeing 737-800.

Seat: 2C.

Class: Business Class.


Price: From $955.

Flight Time: A nice and easy one hour, 30 minutes.

On Time: To the minute. Silk Air is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines and is every bit as punctual as its bigger sibling.

How Full: It was fairly full up front; only three of the 12 J-class seats were unoccupied. Economy class was chockers.

Fellow Passengers: Holidaymakers from all over the world heading for some fun in the Thai sun.

Entertainment: On the drop-down screens, the "Wipeout" competition game show and a Mr Bean episode. Hardly highbrow stuff, but it certainly kept the punters giggling. As an alternative, movies and music can also be streamed for free via Wi-Fi to passengers' portable electronic devices.

Food and Drink: For this early evening flight, a choice of tom yum chicken with vegetables and saffron rice or a roast dinner: turkey with mashed potato, brussels sprouts and gravy. The tom yum chicken was delicious. For wine, two offerings, both from California: a chardonnay and a cabernet syrah. The chardonnay paired really well with the spicy chicken.

Service: In true Singaporean style, the crew were friendly, attentive and efficient.

Baggage: A generous, stress-free 40kg.

WCs: One at the front and two at the back, very clean. Airport Experience: Changi Airport has very few equals and using it is invariably a pleasant experience. The Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge provides a restful (and well-catered) environment in which to wait for a flight.

Would I fly this again? Most definitely.