What was your greatest holiday?

A trip to Samoa a couple of years back. I spent a week on Upolo (a smaller island off Apia) snorkelling, swimming with turtles, sipping cocktails and exploring the island. It was a great trip.

And the worst?

I went camping in February at Lake Tekapo last year. You would think the weather would be pretty good at that time of year but it was raining and freezing cold, to the point we woke up with ice on the tent and had to venture to the local store to buy beanies and gloves.


If we bump into you on holiday, what are you most likely to be doing?

Lying in the sun reading or attempting to paddleboard.

If we could teleport you to one place in New Zealand for a week-long holiday, where would it be?

Somewhere up North, maybe the Bay of Islands. I love warm holidays, plus a beautiful view doesn't hurt either.

How about for a dream holiday internationally?

The Maldives or Bora Bora. I have been pretty obsessed with going to Bora Bora ever since I saw it on a TV show. I'm definitely after the beach and the sun when I go on a holiday.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done when travelling?

I left my cellphone in a seat pocket on a plane while travelling in India. We were only in transit and were boarding another plane when I realised. Thankfully, after a few quick calls, an air hostess turned up with my phone before the doors closed.

Complete this sentence: I can't travel without ... Earplugs and an eye mask

What's the best travel tip you've ever been given?

Make sure your vaccinations are up to date. There really is nothing worse than going on a holiday and getting sick.

What was the most memorable meal you've had while travelling?

It would have to be a dessert probably, as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I had a pretty tasty Eton mess on the waterfront in Queenstown. It seems so simple, but no other Eton mess has come close since.

What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

A pate. It's a traditional drum from Samoa, obviously a smaller version. I haven't quite managed to make it sound as good as they did though.

Favourite airport to land at?

Las Vegas at night. You can see the lights as you start to approach and it is spectacular to see the desert pitch black and then all these amazing lights just plonked out there.

What's the next trip you've got planned?

Hoping to get to Waiheke Island before the summer is over.

Lea Tahuhu and the New Zealand White Ferns face Australia at Eden Park on February 26. blackcaps.co.nz