Australia is one of the world's most beloved travel destinations, and why not - the weather's good, the scenery is great and Aussies are alright, most of the time.

Who wouldn't have an excellent time on holiday in Australia?

This guy, apparently.

Norwegian traveller Lars Fevang said he did not have a good time during his six-week trip to Australia and posted a bunch of miserable holiday snaps on Imgur to prove it.

"Brisbane has a beach inside the city. Just stupid." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

The photos captured Fevang with the same unimpressed expression as he visited iconic sights such as Sydney's Bondi Beach, Victoria's Great Ocean Road and Queensland's Australia Zoo.

And for extra measure, the unhappy traveller - using the Imgur username Boedith - captioned each photo with not-so-glowing reviews of each location.

"Bondi Beach in Sydney, not at all like on TV," he said of Australia's most famous stretch of coast.

"Melbourne was just buildings," he said about the dazzling Victorian capital.

"Heard the Great Ocean Road was amazing, was just some stupid rocks," he said of what should have been the best road trip of his life.

"So I got out of there," he concluded. "Australia sucks."

"Thought the zoo would cheer me up. Turns out Steve Irwin is dead." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

The 29-year-old's appraisal of his holiday was a hit, with more than 630,000 people checking out his Imgur snaps.

Explaining himself, and so he should, Fevang said he headed to Australia hoping to unwind after spending "six years in a military uniform".

"Went to see the most famous ship in Queensland. It can't even sail..." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

And it turned out he actually loved every bit of his trip.

"I took those selfies and sent [them] back to my friends in Norway while I was travelling," said Fevang, from Toensberg, Norway, according to the Irish Examiner.

"Melbourne was just buildings." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

"They were quite jealous of my trip, so I tried to convince them that they were not missing out on anything.

"Enjoy the view they said. Didn't even see sharks..." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

"They didn't buy it and became more jealous every time I sent them a new selfie, so I kept doing it. It was only ... when I was looking through some photos on my laptop that I thought of posting them on Imgur."

Fevang admitted he had a pretty sarcastic sense of humour.

"Heard the Great Ocean Road was amazing, was just some stupid rocks." Photo / Boedith, Imgur

"Maybe we have seen enough perfect smiling selfies from people in front of famous tourist spots," he said.