Ellie Hutchinson flies Air New Zealand's NZ765 from Norfolk Island to Brisbane.


An Airbus A320.

Class: Economy with The Works.

Price: One-way 'Works' fares start from $327. 'Seat' fares start at $268.


On Time? We arrived 25 minutes early because of tail winds.

My Seat: I was in 7F, a window seat near the front of the plane.

How Full: Full flight.

Fellow Passengers: Familiar faces from Norfolk Island were sitting in front of me, including the Pilates teacher with whom I had a lesson the previous day.

Entertainment: This short, two-hour flight allows just enough time to watch a film. I found the pop-up notifications on my screen about food irritating.

Food and drink: A piping hot Thai red chicken curry, which was very tasty, with fresh warm roll and banana cake. The red wine was nice too, though there's only one opportunity to grab a drink so it's wise to take a bottle of water with you.

Service: Great service, but a little slow on clearing the tray after lunch.

Toilets: Close by, as I was near the front of the plane, and in a clean condition.


Luggage: 23kg check-in bag is included in The Works and I was able to take my laptop and hand luggage. I don't usually take food on board but I was given a delicious slice of cake, which went through security at both ends without any problems.

Airport experience: This was fantastic, arrive early when check-in opens, drop off your bag, then head out of the small airport again for lunch. It all felt super-relaxed and easy, I drove off in my hire car and returned two hours later for a speedy security check and walked over the tarmac to board the flight. The airport has a nice cafe with an outdoor area, which is great for kids and to greet and farewell friends and family.

Would I fly again: At the moment Air New Zealand is the only airline operating flights to and from Norfolk Island once a week. Next time I would choose to stay a little longer or plan to have a few nights in Brisbane before heading back to Auckland.