I love to eat. And drink. And bar hop. And I love the beach. So you can imagine my delight at visiting San Sebastian, a historic northern Spanish beach town on the Atlantic coast. Here, Pintxos bars are lined up down every street, their bar tops laden with exquisite tapas and serving delicious Spanish drinks. The energy is palpable, the scenery to die for, and the food the best I have ever eaten. I fell in love with this place. Seriously. I want to learn Spanish and find a way to live there!


Art history was one of my favourite subjects at school, so I was really excited to be heading to the Vatican to witness the works of some of the Renaissance masters. It was seriously over-rated. It was 37C. There was no air-conditioning.

There were so many people there you could hardly breathe. It was gross. The works themselves - amazing - however the throngs of people meant you hardly got to see any of them as you were swept along in a river of thousands of sweaty, tourists. Yuck. The Swiss Guards were good for a laugh though, so I guess that's something, but I won't be going back!

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